German for foreigners

We understand you! We perfectly know the difficulties of learning German!
For this reason we are offering special German classes by native teachers with foreign background.


We have developed a new method which is fast and efficient, so you don't have to worry about a high work load. Here you can study in a pleasant and calm environment to specifically challenge your difficulties by clear and consistent explanations.

The classes are designed for a maximum of 8 students to participate actively and to be able to go home without any questions.

"The best way to study German is with a teacher, who has mastered the language him- or herself!"

private / couple

individual classes:​
10 or 20 hours package
  35€/academic hour à 45 min
from 30 hour package
  30€/academic hour à 45 min


couple classes:
10 or 20 hour package
  25€ x person/45 min
from 30 hour package
  20€ x person/45 min

material included

organised flexible

(for example online)

group classes


5-8 students,

duration 4 weeks,
4 times per week á 135 min.

total of 48 academic hours
350€ + 20€ material



5-8 students

duration 4 weeks,
3 times per week á 135 min.
total of 36 academic hours

285€ + 20€ material

no sign-up fees!

group classes


5-8 students,

duration 4 weeks,
4 times per week á 90 min.

total of 32 academic hours
285€ + 20€ material



group class:

5-8 students,

duration 6 weeks,

2 times per week à 90 min.

total of 24 academic hours

264€ + 20€ material

no sign-up fees!

Dialectos also offers Spanish classes!